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Automotive Equipment Installation & Repair Services in MA, CT, RI

Lift Installation & Repair

Gary Rice Equipment & Service provides auto lift installation and repair services in MA. We help install a top-notch brand of automotive lifts that will best suit your professional workshop or home garage requirement. The top-notch brand Rotary Lift, which is the most trusted brand and world's leader in hydraulic lifts. Gary Rice will repair your non-functioning auto lifts and will make replacements of any damaged parts with high-quality, reliable, and authentic parts of Rotary Lift. We repair all kinds of lifts such as 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, scissor lifts, in-ground lifts, parking lifts and motorcycle lifts.

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Air Compressors & Lines

Gary Rice Equipment & Service provides the best compressed air system installation in Rutland, MA. Whether it's for your professional automotive workshop or home garage, we understand your requirements for air compressed systems and will advise you on the right ones that best suit your needs. We install the world's top brands of compressed air systems, including Gardner-Denver, Champion, Ingersoll-Rand, and Saylor Beall. These brands are known for their quality and reliability, enabling them to run for a long time. Installing compressed air systems requires precision. Gary Rice is equipped with highly trained professionals that make the installation simple, safe, and hassle-free. We know all the right steps needed for air compressed systems to work properly for your pneumatic tools.

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Waste Oil Storage & Transfer Systems

Gary Rice Equipment & Service provides the best in its class of installation and repair services in bulk fluid storage and dispensing systems in MA, CT, and RI. We provide automotive installation and repair services for your professional workshop or home garage needs. Bulk fluid storage is essential when you're dealing with waste oil, fluids, and lubricants. Installing a fluid storage system enables you to store and dispense oil, fluids, and lubricants at ease without the mess. This helps your workplace or home garage stay clean and organized, allowing you to get your work done faster without any hassle.

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Hydraulic Hose Installation

Gary Rice Equipment & Service provides hydraulic hose installation service in MA, CT, and RI. We provide high-quality hydraulic hoses that can withstand high air or fluid pressure based on your job's demands. We install a range of hydraulic hoses for your professional automotive workshop or home garage needs that can tolerate extremely high or low pressure. Proper hydraulic hose installation is essential for safe transferring of fluids to your automotive equipment. In case of a leakage, automotive equipment will get damaged without the proper hydraulic system.

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Shure Workbench Systems and Storage Solutions

Gary Rice Equipment & Service helps install and repair workbenches and storage systems for your professional automotive workshop or home garage needs. We make your workplace look clean, organized, and efficient by installing high-quality workbenches and storage systems. Installing workbenches and storage systems keeps your automotive tools and other essential equipment in a predefined place that makes it easier to locate. That way, whenever you need equipment, you don't have to waste your time searching. There are possibilities that your expensive or small automotive tools can get misplaced. Shure workbench storage systems help keep your tools where they should be, at the right place. These durable, long-lasting Shure workbenches can add a professional touch to your workshop and make your career highly motivating.

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Compressed Air Piping

Gary Rice Equipment & Service provides the best compressed air piping installation and repair service in MA, CT, and RI. We're a reliable installer and repairer for compressed air piping for your professional automotive workshop or home garage needs. Gary Rice Equipment & Service will install compressed air piping from well-known brands like SynergAir. This brand is known all over the world for its high-quality range of compressed air tubing and fittings. Compressed air piping from this brand enhances energy efficiency, withstands damage from aggressive environments, and remains resistant to corrosion.

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Fluid Solutions

At Gary Rice, we recognize that high-end fluid solutions have become a way to decrease production costs, increase adherence to quality control, and improve repair times. There are enough brands of fluid solution to turn a mechanic into a busy shopper, and that’s where Gary Rice can act as your knowledgeable insider. Oil and transmission fluids require safe storage and mobility to increase efficiency. With our expertise, we can help you unlock the full potential of your shop or home garage. Our installations and repairs will outfit your shop with the best possible materials.

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We can help you choose the right auto lifts, compressed air systems, or other auto equipment for your home garage or automotive workshop.

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